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She Sings™

Receives Rave Reviews

New York:

  • Karen Sherry, Television and Concert Producer:  Rebecca Rocks! I had the privilege of attending, with a group of music industry colleagues, the performance of Rebecca Magnuson's "She Sings" at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York.  Rebecca is fantastic! The delivery of her story, her musicianship on the piano and on the guitar, her unbelievable vocals and incredible songs were all on impeccable display, and everyone including my very jaded guest- was wowed.  A great performance also requires great emotionality and connection with the audience- and Rebecca accomplished that beautifully.  I know that she is headed for something big!

  • Caroline Adams Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author:  Rebecca is awesome!  She is smart, beautiful and talented on so many levels.  No man could ever silence her!  I was completely blown away by Rebecca's performance at She Sings.  Bravo!!!!!



  • Bob Doyle, Garth Brooks' long time business partner and Owner/President of Major Bob Music:  I was so excited to see the opening night of She Sings! Rebecca is an impressive concert pianist, composer and excellent singer-songwriter and storyteller.  You won't want to miss this show!

  • Bobby Braddock, Songwriter's Hall of Fame Member:  She Sings is a one- woman musical, and the one- woman is the incredibly talented Rebecca Magnuson.  This is a "soaring musical" and I can emphatically say that it soars mightily! I was on the front row for opening night...this is a MUST SEE!!


Washington D.C.:

  • Washington Life Magazine:  She Sings is probably beyond category or genre, but satisfies her urge to heal, to touch people and to describe life in terms of real stories - especially the sharp and tough “My Voice”, which touches on, not so lightly, the combative language and process of uncoupling, or “Manipulator” or the liberating “Take Me There”. She sings.  Yes she does.

  • The Georgetowner:  Well known in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and Nashville, Magnuson sang with depth and height and fire and ice about the loss of love, the ripping  hurt of deceit and the exhausting fight for her rights and herself.


Los Angeles: 

  • Jill Sorensen, Co-Founder of Knock Out Abuse and Co-Founder/President of Knock Out Abuse West:  She Sings the musical is a woman’s story about abuse and then powerfully finding her voice.  It’s your story, my story, every woman’s story of empowerment and hope.    


Internet Quotes:     

  • Cherie Morris, Dear Divorce Coach:  Rebecca’s musical skill has long been recognized.  With SHE SINGS, Rebecca presents her talent for composition and songwriting in an entertaining, unflinching and inspirational manner.  Take this journey with Rebecca by seeing her brilliant one woman musical show, SHE SINGS!

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